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Short description

TransformationImporter is a SCENE App which imports orientation files directly. Thereafter, it is possible to use other SCENE functions, like Webshare, WebshareCloud or pointclouds without registrating scans in SCENE. For supported formats see section at the bottom of this page


TransformationImporter features:

Imports transformation values from third party software like:

  • LuposScan (website)
  • Polyworks (4x4 matrix)
  • Polyworks (euler values)
  • ... for customisation request please contact us.

Available licensing models is:

you need one license for each import format (at the moment three formats = three licenses)


  1. just start TransformationImporter via the toolbar or the menu

    TrImp menu
    start TransformationImporter

  2. select the folder, containing the transformationfiles

    TrImp dialog
    start TransformationImporter dialog

  3. select the folder, where the log file should be placed

  4. choose import type

    TrImp import formats
    TransformationImporter formats

  5. start the import

Known Issues

  • Unloading the app while running will cause SCENE to crash.

System Requirements and Compatibility

  • SCENE 5.1.6 and above
  • SCENE 5.1.6 LT and above
  • Identical with SCENE
  • Network card for licensing
  • SCENE must be run as administrator to install the plug-in
  • SCENE must be run as administrator to install any license (if license is installed with user privileges, each user has to install the license seperately)


  • 20.03.2017 - Version 1.0.1
    • tested with Windows 10 and SCENE


End User license Agreement (PDF*)

User manual (PDF*)

Trial Version / Full Version
TrImp Version 1.0.1

Net price per import format is 199,- EUR

  • LuposScan 199 EUR
  • Polyworks (4x4 matrix) 199 EUR
  • Polyworks (euler values)199 EUR

APP can be ordered at the FARO 3D App Center
direct link to the APP in the FARO 3D App Center: scantaxi TrImp

or direct per email (orders [at],

* requires PDF-Reader


  • March 2019
    updated to 1.0.4 (import changed) (TraCo)


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+49 (0)30 3 260 260 5


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