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Short description

scantaxi scan coins is NOT an APP! develops SCENE PlugIn APPs to make the work with SCENE easier and/or faster.

Some scantaxi APPs will be offered with different licensing models.

Available licensing models are:

  • Full license – pay once, use the same major version lifetime
  • Project license – pay for every use of the APPs
  • Project based demo license – for some APPs there is a demo license available

The project license gives the possibility to test the APPs under real conditions or on small projects.

The amount of coins needed depends on the amount of scans in a project and the time saving effect.

The coins are offered in different package sizes in the FARO 3D App Center or here (see below in the download section).

Please bear in mind to calculate the amount of coins needed for the desired scantaxi APP before buying scantaxi scan coins !

Please read the manual of the desired scantaxi APP!

scantaxi scan coins features:

enables some scantaxi APPs to work

Available packages:

20 coins
40,- EUR
50 coins
100,- EUR
100 coins
200,- EUR


  1. order package of scantaxi scan coins
  2. get TAN which will be used for every request (until there are no more coins available)
  3. install APP
  4. load a Project
  5. start APP
  6. request project based license
  7. get project based license file (if enough coins available) – within one business day
  8. run APP

System Requirements and Compatibility

  • mandatory: scantaxi APP supporting scantaxi scan coins
  • SCENE 5.x
  • SCENE 5.X LT
  • Identical with SCENE
  • Network card for licensing
  • SCENE must be run as administrator to install the plug-in
  • SCENE must be run as administrator to install any license


scantaxi scan coins
scantaxi scan coins


End User license Agreement (PDF*)

User manual (PDF*)

Net price of scantaxi scan coins depends on package
40,-/100,-/200,- EUR

APP can be ordered at the FARO 3D App Center
direct link to the APP in the FARO 3D App Center: scantaxi scan coins

or direct per email (orders [at],

* requires PDF-Reader


  • September 2020
    updated to 1.0.13 (import changed, RightMouseButton on cluster added) (SCANcon)


Rufen Sie uns an:

+49 (0)30 3 260 260 5


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Scanner und Technik






Hilfe bei Projekten


Erfahrung von über
22 Jahren im Laserscanning!

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